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Kawasaki Mule PRO MX 2022

700cc Single-Cylinder Engine

In addition to offering plenty of towing and carrying capacity for hauling cargo at work or outdoor supplies for weekend fun, the highly reliable fuelinjected 700cc single-cylinder engine’s superior torque contributes to a fun-to-drive character and facilitates lowspeed operation.

Electric Power Steering

Kawasaki’s highgrade electric power steering (EPS) system works best when you need it most: at extremely slow speed and when stopped. Turning the wheel causes a signal to be sent to the EPS ECU, initiating assistance. The ECU uses input from a vehicle speed sensor and torque sensor to determine the amount of steering assistance required from the system’s electric motor. At slow speed or when stopped, assistance is greatest; assistance is reduced as vehicle speed increases, tightening up the steering.

Electrically Selectable 4WD & Rear Differential Lock

Electrically “selectable” 1 2WD/4WD and dualmode rear differential system allow easy changing between drive systems to suit changing terrain and applications.

Independent Front & Rear Suspension

Double-wishbone suspension is used both front and rear to enable each of the wheels to drive over obstacles with minimum effect on the chassis.

Meerprijs voor T-kenteken (knipperlichten etc.) : €1.550,- Excl. btw

Naam Kawasaki Mule PRO MX 2022
Prijs 16.099,- incl. btw kenteken tegen meerprijs mogelijk
Modeljaar 2022
Kenteken Optioneel T-kenteken
Garantie 24 maanden fabrieksgarantie
Kleur Groen
Motortype Vloeistofgekoelde, 1-cilinder 4-takt motor
Maximum koppel 57,6 N•m {5,8 kgf•m} / 5.000 tpm
Cilinder inhoud 695cc 45pk
Aantal cilinders 1
Boring x slag 102 x 85 mm
Compressieverhouding 10.3:1
Smeersysteem Geforceerde smering, wet sump
Ontstekingssysteem Magneto & transistor
Startsysteem Elektrisch
Transmissie CVT, 2 versnellingen, achteruit
Eindoverbrenging Aandrijfas 2WD/4WD
Veerweg voorwielophanging 218 mm
Veerweg achterwielophanging 232 mm
Bandenmaat, voor 25 x 8.00 R12
Bandenmaat, achter 25 x 10.00 R12
Totale lengte 279.5 cm
Totale breedte 152.5 cm
Totale hoogte 189.0 cm
Zithoogte 850 mm
Wielbasis 2.005 mm
Grondspeling 2.005 mm
Inhoud brandstoftank 36 liter

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