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Polaris RZR 1000 RS1 2020


The power and acceleration of the 110-horsepower ProStar® H.O. engine is even more impressive when harnessed within the lighter and optimally balanced RZR® RS1™. Response is instant with the new high-performance clutch and corner-to-corner acceleration unmatched. There’s no holding back.


The intense interaction between vehicle and terrain can be nothing short of ruthless. Rocks, stumps, silt sand, mud, all being encountered at high-speed. This unrelenting onslaught is tamed with industry-leading suspension for unmatched control, confidence, and comfort. With an incredible 21" of travel, and stage-tuned Walker Evans® Needle Shocks, the race proven design has earned countless victories in the most rugged places on earth.


Driver-only design & center-cockpit creates exceptional sight-lines both ahead and to the periphery. Designed for a dynamic driving experience, the race-inspired driver ergonomics & new steering position creates extra room for active arm and leg ergonomics. A new brake system gives drivers the option of traditional single-foot action, or rally-inspired two-foot performance.


Harness the violent interaction of churning rocks, explosive octane, and forward thrust with exacting precision. A compact 83" wheelbase combined with an optimally balanced and lightweight chassis results in the most agile RZR we’ve ever developed. The RS1 hugs corners with precision, charges unnerving terrain with confidence, and launches with predictable flight.

Naam Polaris RZR 1000 RS1 2020
Prijs 27.990,- incl. btw en kenteken
Modeljaar 2020
Kenteken L7e
Garantie 24 Maanden
Kleur Wit
Motortype Twee cilinder 4-takt DOHC
Brandstofsysteem Elektronische brandstofinjectie
Stuursysteem EPS
Stuurbekrachtiging Aanwezig
Transmissie Automatisch PVT P/R/N/L/H
Aandrijfsysteem AWD/2WD/ differentieel
Wielophanging, voor Dubbele driehoekige A-arm + stabilisatiestang
Wielophanging, achter Geheel onafhankelijke achterwielophanging, met stabilisatiestang
Remmen, voor 2 schijfremmen met twee zuigers remklauwen
Remmen, achter 2 schijfremmen met twee zuigers remklauwen
Velgen Aluminium

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